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Terms & Conditions

The Garden of O supplies this website for your convenience and fun, and not as professional advice on sexual aids and products. The Customer should not rely on individual item advice from this site and use their own initiative to investigate the product further if they require further information before purchasing. Please remember, The Garden of O does not know what ability each individual customer is capable of, physically, medically, or otherwise, and cannot be held responsible for the misuse of any item which may cause any adverse effects for the user.

By using The Garden of O website, the customer agrees that they shall not have, make or bring any action, law suit, claim, demand or proceedings against The Garden of O for damages, compensation, losses, costs, expenses, orders or any other legal or equitable remedy should any such material be found to be incorrect, inaccurate, misused, defective or unintentionally misleading, whether caused by lack of understanding or inappropriate research on behalf of the customer or the information contained on this website.

All information and advice contained on The Garden of O website is of a general nature only and should not be treated as otherwise. Customers must research and investigate whether a product is appropriate for their particular needs.