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Make Up Brush Massager (Purple)


Make Up Brush Massager (Purple)


Are you feeling horny at the office? You dont want to bring a big vibrator to work because its to suspicious? Well this is just for you. The vibrating make up brush with 7 functions is perfect for undercover alone time in the office bathroom. With either the gentle touch up or some deep padding, the vibrating make up brush is perfect for you!

This vibrating make up brush is perfect for keeping an undercover sex toy in your purse for those moments when your feeling abit tense out in public. The undercover toy will make you feel as if you are working for her majesties finest right besides 007. With its 7 functions and velvet touch, you'd be sure to know that there is no mission impossible.

 To scared to take a vibrator out in public because your scared of what people are going to say? Your normal toy doesn't fit in your bag? Well this is the toy you have been looking for. The vibrating make up brush is perfect for a secret toy that no one at the office can find out about. This toy with it's 7 functions and velvet feel is perfect for the an office orgasm

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